What Are the Most Common Cyber Threats and What to Do About Them?

A cyber threat is any possibility of malicious activity with an intention to disrupt digital operations, damage, or steal data. Any form of damage, including data theft or the tactics, techniques, and procedures used with malicious intent, could be termed as a cyber threat.

In a digital era, cyber threats are increasing and getting more sophisticated, especially amid the increased levels of internet use and remote contract work, cloud storage, and high dependence on digital devices.

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Ransomware: How Does It Work and How to Remove It?

Ransomware is a type of attack that uses malware to steal your data, and the only person who can decrypt it is the hacker, as he possesses specific knowledge on this issue. Hackers, therefore, ask for a ransom in return to decrypt. The malefactor can publish the user’s data or block access to that data until the payment is made. A user or victim usually receives guidance on how to make the payment and once the ransom is paid, the hacker decrypts the data, so the victim can regain access.

Here, there are some common types of ransomware.

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